Installing extra sockets

Two-thirds of UK householders say that they do not have enough plug sockets to keep up with the increasing number of everyday appliances that we rely on. On average twice as many sockets are needed today compared with 30 years ago.

“extra sockets Having extra socket outlets installed, or converting single sockets to doubles, is a good way of improving electrical safety. A socket outlet can become overloaded with too many appliances when using multi-bar adaptors or connecting several multi-bar adaptors together. If the combined current rating of the appliances exceeds that which is stated on the extension lead, the wall socket might overheat and potentially catch fire. The consequences of overloading a block adaptor can be even more serious as they often lack a 13A fuse.

What is involved?

Before any work can begin, we will conduct a survey on the property.

There are two options for adding extra sockets depending on the setup: an existing circuit can be extended or a new circuit installed. Unless the work is being carried out in a kitchen, extending an existing circuit is usually the preferred option because it causes less disruption.

“USB socketsPreliminary tests will be conducted on the existing circuit to determine whether it is suitable. For example, if a ring circuit is found to have a break in continuity – on any conductor – it needs resolving before the circuit can be extended.

Arc Electrical make every effort to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible – see our Customer Promise.

The work will normally be split into two stages: First and Second Fix. Upon completion of the work all appropriate certification and notification will be taken care of by us.