Essential lighting work

Some lighting work is essential. Lights that do not work (after changing the bulb), fittings that are cracked, or where wires have become exposed, should be fixed as soon as possible. Other important considerations include:

“kitchen lighting

• replacing damaged switches

• installing outside security lights controlled by a sensor, either to ward off intruders or simply to assist when unlocking your door in the dark

• altering switching arrangements: substituting one-way switches with two or three-way switches in rooms, or on landings, where there is more than one point of entry


Decorative lighting

Choosing the right lighting is key to creating a pleasant atmosphere in your home. Good design not only considers the best location for lights but also the type of fitting used and the amount of light it emits.

There are a bewildering variety of products available – we can help you make the best choice to suit your needs. Ideas to consider:

• accent lighting such as wall lights, cabinet lights or under pelmet/plinth lights in a kitchen

• downlights to replace one central fitting

• dimmer switches

• replacing fluorescent/halogen fittings with energy-saving LED equivalents

• repositioning lights centrally: this applies to bedrooms in some older houses where lights were situated next to windows

• loft lights

• exterior decorative lighting, including decking and in the garden

What is involved?

Before any work can begin, we will conduct a survey on the property.

“bathroom lightingThe extent of disruption to the property will vary dependent upon what type of alterations you intend to have. If you are just replacing existing fittings then this will cause little or no disruption, however if you are having extra lighting points installed or alterations to the switching arrangements then some walls may need to be chased out to run new cables.

Arc Electrical make every effort to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible – see our Customer Promise.

The work will normally be split into two stages: First and Second Fix.

Upon completion of the work all appropriate certification and notification will be taken care of by us.