Luxury bathrooms

Bathrooms are an important part of any modern home and there are many additions that can help make it into a really special room. If you are having a new bathroom fitted then it is likely that you will want some alterations to the electrics.  Why not have them upgraded so that they can accommodate some luxurious elements:

• underfloor heating

• mood lighting

• jacuzzi baths

• television and speakers (as long as strict guidelines are followed)

Everyday alterations

Other more conventional alterations to bathrooms that may be considered are:

An LED mirror makes a great addition to bathrooms• fire rated downlights

• LED mirror

• electric shower

• extractor fan

• changing a pull switch inside the bathroom to a wall switch outside the room or vice-versa

Due to the increased risk of water mixing with electricity the bathroom is potentially one of the most dangerous rooms in the home. The chances of an electric shock occurring in the bathroom are higher.  It is therefore classed as a special location under the BS7671, 17th edition wiring regulations. This means that stricter guidelines must be followed when carrying out and electrical work in this area. For example:

• socket outlets are permissible as long as they are located more than 3m from the edge of a bath or shower. Specially designed shaver sockets are allowed but they should still be no closer than 600mm from the edge of a bath or shower

• all electrical equipment installed in a bathroom must be suitable for use in any given zone, e.g. downlights installed above a bath or shower must have a suitable ‘ingress protection’ (IP) rating to prevent water from coming into contact with live parts.

What is involved?

Before any work can begin, we will conduct a survey on the property.

For additions or alterations to lighting, preliminary testing will be carried out on the lighting circuit that is to be extended in order to determine suitability. If there is no continuity of earth then this must first be rectified or a new circuit will need to be installed to supply the lighting in the bathroom.

shower fan incorporating LED lightIf new circuits are required – i.e. for a shower, lighting, the supply for a jacuzzi bath or underfloor heating – then cables will need to be run from the fuse board to the bathroom, potentially leading to disruption in other parts of the property.

The work will normally be split into two stages: First and Second Fix.

A bathroom renovation can sometimes be less disruptive than other parts of a house if you are only having alterations done to the ceiling lighting or having a ceiling mounted extractor fan installed. The bathroom’s wiring may be accessible from the loft space, in which case, damage to plasterwork can be avoided.

Arc Electrical make every effort to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible – see our Customer Promise.

Upon completion of the work all appropriate certification and notification will be taken care of by us.